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Journey Without Shoes

"I was naked and you clothed me"... shoes included.

Norma clothing poor indigenous Guarani children, in Misiones, Argentina, who were almost naked with no shoes..

Special Appeal From the Founder

TO: All Division, Unions, and Conferences... including Department Leaders in Ministerial, Youth, Pathfinder, Children, and Church Pastors

As you plan for the 2023-24 year, I am kindly asking you to plan to teach ALL students the Biblical mandate in James 1:27 to Defend Orphans (do). Restore a Child has commemorated World Orphans Day since 2010. The North American Division Education, Ministerial and Youth Departments joined us and produced the Bible ToolKit "dofast" about orphans and distributed the material on a DVD and sent it all schools and academies across NAD. The dofast is officially part of the NAD Bible Curriculum ENCOUNTER (see below).

As Adventist leaders, I invite you unitedly to commemorate each year the Second Sabbath in November which now is officially designated by the General Conference as...

Orphan Sabbath

For further inspiration, read about our "sacred duty" to orphans in Testimonies VI:280-289.



Journey Without Shoes.. Irreversible Journey of Change

Change can be difficult.

Too often we are quite content doing nothing. Once we're comfortable, it's easy to stay where we are. It takes effort to change. However, life is a journey. We are not meant to stand still and stagnate. We are meant to grow and impact the world.

How to participate in One Day Without Shoes

Children love to go without shoes. But the poor and orphan children cannot go to school without shoes. All it takes is for every student around the world to give 10 cents a day (for a total of $15) to enable one impoverished child go to an Adventist school and learn to know Jesus.

Our initiative One Day Without Shoes enables shoeless children to go to school. Also, we provide the only meal to thousands of students who attend our Adventist schools in several countries.


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