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Ukraine Emergency Appeal

An orphan child, in a refugee camp in Kharkiv from the last war in 2014. Currently, there are over 100,000 orphans in the Ukraine. Norma visited many such orphans still in the refugee camp in Kharkiv since the Crimean War.

As attacks escalate in the Ukraine, we want to report to you the status of our work with the Ukrainian people. As we write this, we hear on the evening news just now that the civilians are suffering massive attacks in several cities. Families are leaving their homes and heading north to Poland north and to the west of Ukraine. They are now refugees in their own country. This happened before in 2014 during the Crimean War.

Today one of our three church leaders confirmed that one SDA Church in Kyiv was bombed today. Since most workers have left the Capital City, there was no one who could take a professional photo.

We know we can count on YOUR GENEROSITY.

Thank you for helping us raise $100,000 for Ukraine in the next week. The millions of innocent Ukrainian children deserve to have a safe place with food, water and medicine... their basic right.

We are grateful for you standing with our sisters and brothers in the Ukraine. Please keep our four schools and students and all the people of Ukraine in your prayers.

Thank You.



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