Lives are not measured by years lived... but by lives served
- Norma Nashed

Help us make a difference in the world and help children grow into a sustainable community that will contribute in return to our planet’s future

war in ukraine

$100,000 DOUBLE MATCH X2

Dear Friend,


A generous donor who wants to be anonymous has contributed to a matching fund of $100,000 unlocking a great opportunity to feed starving children in Ukraine.

This means your generous GIFT will go TWO TIMES as far to provide children in Ukraine with food right now. Restore a Child believes and has made a promise that no child within our reach will ever go to bed hungry. Your gift will create a healthier and brighter future for children.

· $100 when DOUBLE-MATCHED will provide $200 in nutritious meals so malnourished children will grow up healthy and strong.


· $60 when DOUBLE MATCHED will provide $120 towards school fees and school meal to support children’s education and food now.


· $500 when DOUBLE LMATCHED will provide $1,000 of psychological counseling for a year to support children’s recovery from the trauma of war.

As war and poverty threaten the lives and futures of millions of children in the world, we cannot afford to waste this amazing opportunity.