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Restore a Child, Inc. is pleased to announce the partnership of three North American Division Departments in a new initiative to help schools, churches, and youth groups engage young people in supporting orphans and hungry children through Restore a Child.

The four entities are partnering together to implement a program that will invite the youth—and young at heart—to actively engage in projects and commitments to help the children of the world who are hungry. This initiative is central to the Biblical mandate about God’s true fast as described in Isaiah 58.
The 24-hours do fast in second Sabbath in November, during which the young people can participate through their schools, churches, sport/youth groups, and other social, faith, and business communities to raise awareness and funds in the fight to end child starvation and hunger-related disease and poverty.
It is an opportunity to draw closer to God and one another as youth unite to accomplish His work and influence others to join. Suggested activities are included in the do fast participation “tool kits” designed for specific age groups.
During the entire month of October, known as World Hunger Action Month, Restore a Child invites all education and religious institutions to host daily activities and events to build compassionate action into every person’s daily life and thinking.
Six million children die every year because of hunger and starvation.
Build the character traits which God promised will develop through our active involvement in helping children who, without our help, will die. Join this global fast in solidarity with starving and hungry people, especially children whom God entrusted to our care.For further details, e-mail, or call 240.393.7712.



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