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Your gift can go further for Hungry and Orphan children.

On Universal Children’s Day, together to recognize the rights all children deserve: 

the right to food, health care, education and protection. 

Restore a Child has worked alongside partners like you for more than 24 years to protect thousands of children’s rights. 

But we still have a long way to go to ensure these basic rights are fulfilled and respected for children around the world.

That’s why, in honor of Universal Children’s Day, a generous group of donors has donated to a matching gift fund, which is DOUBLING every gift.

Will you rush a donation now to have your gift DOUBLED to help children worldwide with lifesaving resources they need?

  • $30 (becomes $60) can help provide enough food to keep 3 children from going hungry for a month

  • $50 (becomes $100) can help provide Food for Hungry kids displaced by civil war and natural disasters

  • $100 (becomes $200) can help provide learning materials for 3 refugee children to continue their education


Don’t miss this incredible opportunity! 

Give now to have every dollar go further to protect children’s rights on Universal Children’s Day.

So please CLICK in donate NOW...

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