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One of our  projects in Argentina



Restore a Child provides for the essential and elementary needs of hungry and orphans children. Recognizing the importance of these basic needs, our goal is to establish a strong foundation that will prepare the child for a healthy future and the ability to become a reliable contributor to the community.

To achieve this goal we focus on water, agriculture, education, health and shelter.

Children happy drinking clean water


There are around one billion people who have no access to clean drinking water. Some people survive on only 6 ounces of water a day. Some people survive on only 6 ounces of water a day. Some of us don’t realize that water scarcity is a global crisis. Some women and children walk 10 miles each day to get only a small bucket of water while some of us in the USA use 50 gallons of water every day for a shower. Since its inception, Restore a Child recognized this need and dug the first well in Kenya in 2007.


Since you ate your last meal, as many as 20,000 children died from hunger. Restore a Child food programs are keeping thousands of them alive. All it takes to save them is hearts that care enough to feed them. Over one billion people are hungry in the world.
We teach children to grow their own food, and have planted 4,000 fruit trees in Argentina, Bolivia, Chad, Haiti, Indonesia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and more

Agriculture project in Argentina
Education projects, childrens in orphan in Africa


Restore a Child defends the rights of children around the world, providing, protecting, educating and giving hope. Children suffer the most with conflicts, wars, and disasters. Quality education is the key to give children opportunities to succeed… the right of every child…our priority.

We believe in gender equality since each girl is an integral part in shaping the future of communities and nations. Girls are our future mothers; and when girls are equipped with good education, they in turn teach their own children and shape their moral compass. When mothers change the world… everybody wins.


The task seems daunting, but in 2016 through the new Sumaia Hasso Pediatric Ward in Abugouddam will provide such children with a chance to live a productive life.

Chad is the poorest country in the world and access to quality medical care is unavailable. For many years Restore a Child partners with Dr. Richard Hart, President of AHI and Loma Linda University, to provide medical care and nutrition to thousands of sick children.

Health project example


For children displaced by disaster, war and conflict, a stable and safe environment is crucial for their healthy development. To provide for the children’s security, we built homes in Congo (DRC), Ethiopia, Haiti, Indonesia, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

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