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LLBN Support for Restore a Child

Loma Linda Broadcasting Network, Inc. (LLBN), a global television broadcast ministry that has been spreading the Gospel of Jesus for 25 years, has now initiated humanitarian outreach efforts through its Chloe’s Friends Foundation. Recently, support was given to Restore a Child, headed by Founder and President Norma Nashed. This nonprofit organization has been housing, feeding, and educating orphans and widows throughout the world for 23 years. Through a variety of avenues, including financial, LLBN is committed toward bringing help to this much-needed ministry.

Ganim Hanna, President and CEO of LLBN, remarked, “As long as LLBN has been in existence, I have watched Norma Nashed’s extraordinary, selfless work, as she nurtures her vision of sheltering and caring for orphaned children around the world. Her genuine love for these little ones shines out as a true testimony of her commitment to Jesus, who said, ‘ Truly I tell you, whatever you did for the least of these brothers and sister of mine, you did for me.’ We at the Network are honored to assist in bringing support to this precious ministry.”


SHADOW CHILD, a film on the life of Norma Nashed, will be premiered on LLBN November 30 at 6 pm on the Christian Connections. It will be repeated 8 times over the following two weeks.


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