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We Build Schools, They Build Communities

Norma with Two Muslim Girls in Our School at Dunia ya Heri


Dear Friend,

As we celebrate Easter (Passover) we must remember that before we celebrate the victory of the resurrection, the Messiah had to go through His “undeserved suffering” and die. His promise was: "I will come back so you can be with ME..." His promise is not to take us to heaven, but to have a personal relationship with HIM.  His last words on the Cross were: “It is finished”.

For Restore a Child these words are real. Our task is to save the lives of children as they endure “undeserved suffering”. Since our inception in 1998 our "promise to the children of the world" is that our work is not yet finished. And we promise you, our faithful donors, with your trust, confidence and support, we will continue delivering the services you expect from us.

This Easter we celebrate the hope we have in Christ… hope for ourselves, and hope for all the over 5,000 children and young people who have learned to love Christ through our ministry.

With our team, we visited three homes and three schools where we met young people… some who have lived in the home we built 12 years ago in Arusha. One of them will graduate next year as a pastor and another wants to pursue a degree in marketing. We have photos and film footage created by our professional team who created the Hollywood film: "Sun Moon". I watched it on the flight to Tanzania. So, stay tuned!

The Chairman and members of our Board of Directors, join me in wishing you and your families a blessed Passover and Resurrection. It is also Ramadan for our Moslem friends, so in Arabic “Ramadan Kareem”.


Left: Sydney Tooley, Screen Writer and Corbin Schmidt, Film Maker, both joined me to document our work in Tanzania. Amazing team!

Dr. Rose Gamblin, Director of Creative Content for Restore a Child with Maasai women. Guest house in the background.

Orphans I met at, Valerie Silver Ellis Home we built in Arusha. It was funded by Joan and Steven Silver and Sam Elli,s in memory of Valerie who died on 9/11 in New York.

The only kitchen we have for more than 350 people at the Maasai school. With your help we will build a sanitary kitchen for $50,000.

It was a privilege to help serve breakfast for 350 students at Karao Maasai, School in Tanzania.

The 2022 drought in East Africa caused the Maasai to lose ALL their cattle. Dr. Davis, a Jewish friend who died in 2023, donated 1,000 goats for children in 7 countries.

The 50 Maasai orphan children in Karao Adventist School in North Tanzania after receiving new shoes and clothes.

Four of the 7th grade Maasai students have their own Bibles that we provided the year before. They are committed with their relationship with Christ.

Some of the orphan children I met having a meal in the Dunia ya Heri and Restore a Child building funded by Dale Morrison. I doubt any orphanage can compare to the care and discipline Thomas Keusel and his wife Beata offer these abandoned orphans.

During Sabbath March 16, 2024, the isolated and unreached Maasai tribes presented Norma with an award for her work for 10 years to help the poor and orphaned Maasai children.

50 orphan children with torn shoes and clothes were blessed with our gifts to them at Karao Adventist School which we support with Dr. Laszlo Szabo from Friedensau Adventist University in Germany.

An orphan girl at the Dale Morrison Home at Dunia ya Heri on the Indian Ocean, Tanzania. You are invited to come and experience this life-changing community.


Sierra Leone (top) and Chad (below), new Mobile Clinics, provided by Restore a Child to help the poor and sick people in remote areas. Thank you, generous donors, for saving lives of poor sick children. Dr. Richard Hart, President of Loma Linda University and AHI sent us photos. We have been partners with Dr. Hart for 12 years in Africa.


CAMP KULAQUA (Camp Meeting), APRIL 19-21, 2024

The main speaker at the Camp Meeting will be Dr. Ivan Williams. He is a friend from NAD and helped us with Dr. Larry Blackmer, to produce the dofast Activities for all churches and schools in the NAD.

I will be at the attending and look forward to meeting you and sharing some of our books and brochure about our work around the world. Norma


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