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World Orphans Day

Dear Friend,

The Executive Committee of the General Conference has designated Sabbath November 20 to commemorate WORLD ORPHANS DAY. This action by the world Church will provide a long awaited awareness about the plight of orphans and vulnerable children around the world. World Divisions are participating in this initiative.

I am glad to report that for the last three months my speaking in churches in different states has confirmed the deep desire of pastors and conference leaders in the NAD to fulfill the Biblical mandate to "defend orphans" by commemorating World Orphans Day... now a part of the GC calendar. Our dofast initiative since 2013, with its FREE resources are greatly appreciated and leaders want to be part of this movement. Unfortunately, they were not aware of this new development. To learn more about it and obtain additional resources, please check our website:

My hope is that every church and conference will join Restore a Child and the GC in this Biblical mandate and our "Sacred Duty" to "defend orphans". Isaiah 1:17

All it takes is to care for ONE orphan for $30 a month, $1 a day.

We need YOU . . . NOW MORE THAN EVER. Thank You


Friend of Orphans


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