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2024 is a tumultuous year for children. But even in the worst of circumstances, I've seen that they still have hope in their hearts.

This year, I traveled to Maasai land in Northern Tanzania. I met children, who despite living in huts (bomas), continue to hold onto their dreams. I met not only poor children, but simply children — full of curiosity, hope, and eager to learn.

One of the photos from Charles Ichu serving in Chad, in our nutrition center. This boy is three years old and can't walk. Thank you donors for giving this child a chance to live.

Charles Ichu, our partner in Chad for our Nutrition Center, called this week to inform us that hungry mothers and children have tripled. Children are dying from hunger. Charles is using the Mobil Clinic we provided to bring children to the Nutrition Center, and after weeks or months of caring for them, return them in good health. We have many stories of mothers who die during child birth and leave their babies behind. Grandmothers take the place of mothers. We honor all such grandmothers.


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