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Children of the Ukraine War

Investments Pay Off...

This Saturday, February 24, 2022, coincides with the third anniversary of the brutal war in Ukraine. Feb 24 is the 1,095 days of missiles, bombing and destruction of homes, schools and lives. Many fathers never come back home, so children become orphans and have no where to go. Russia also started taking children from their homes. This week the fourth and largest group of orphans have been returned through the mediation of Qatar. Thank you Qatar.

Before the war, Restore a Child built four schools in the Ukraine..In Kharkiv, Luviv, Tchyachive, and a Children Center and church in Bucha. In Kiev. Since the first day of the war, Restore a Child offered medical care and feeding to refugees and isolated elderly people through the Angelia Mobil Clinic. Because of the love and compassion of our faithful donors we can provide this help.

In addition to education, we provide refuge for children and families traumatized by the war. We hired psychologists to help the children deal with their trauma. Below you see happy refugee children as we offer them two daily cooked meals.

Restore a Child's investment is not just relief and development. Our investment also returns very high dividends in healing the body, mind and soul with good nutrition, quality education, and spiritual care.

Please continue to pray for the Ukraine children. Thank You.


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