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Fire Destroys Our New School in Tanzania

A fire completely destroyed our school we built in partnership with Dunia ya Heri in Tanzania. Our partner is a generous Adventist Foundation that wants to remain anonymous. It started with a brush fire on an adjacent property. All of the children are safe! Thomas Keusel, our partner, reported the fire yesterday. All the children are abandoned orphans.

The children need to go to school. We appeal to ALL who receive our eUpdates to help us rebuild the school so the children can return. It is the only Adventist school in the area.

The orphan children of Dunia Ya Heri are incredibly trained and mature. For the past six years I have visited the children every year. I always make it a point to read and pray with them. Their Director and his wife, from Germany, are the most amazing parents who give them love beyond just parenting. These children are definitely leaders of our Church in the future. Please pray for them as they struggle to understand the meaning of this tragedy that destroyed their new school.


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