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Orphan girl from Goma Refugee Camp, Congo. She is responsible for her two siblings. Here we started a feeding for 1,000 children in an Adventist school.

A child's future is determined not by race or social status, but by his/her dreams and opportunities. One of the orphans Restore a Child helped in Congo from 2009-2016, is Tshava Tona. Tshava told me of his dream to become a "medical doctor to the poor". Tshava recently wrote to me:

"June 14, 2023

Founder/President, Restore a Child

Dear Norma Nashed

I'm Dr.Tshava Tona, M.D. the orphan you helped in Restore a Child orphanage established in Congo in 2009. Now I have become a Medical Doctor. We did not meet in person but you and Restore a Child donors helped me in my medical school years through your partner, the Foundation for Africa, France Motumbo.

I would like to express my gratitude to you for your help. Allow me to invite you to join a project close to my heart: We are saving lives of thousands of children and adults every year.

In July- August 2023, we will open the first ward of the Bethesda Clinic that

we dreamed up together. But we need equipment and other medical instruments for

$40,000 to make the clinic modern and operational.

Thank you for all the things you did in my life. I am hoping one day I can come and visit you in the USA and give my testimony of how I became a medical doctor through your support and encouragement.

My Dream to help sick and orphan children is now realized, thanks to God.



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