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Healing Ministry in Chad

"The 3-year old twin girls came from a village 21 kilometers from our Nutrition Center in Chad. Both are severely malnourished and their mother has 10 children and is sick herself with severe infection. The doctors and Nutrition Center decided to keep the kids with their mother and placed them on an intensive program until they fully recover. We have so many cases right now."--from Charles Ichu June 2, 2023

Restore a Child is kindly asking our generous and faithful donors to give a gift in addition to what they gave so far. We need to help the Nutrition Center to buy goats for the mothers to feed their starving children. With the abundance we have in America, each person reading this can give something before these kids, and others like them, die.

Restore a Child would like to provide a mobile clinic to go around to remote villages and check on children before they reach this desperate state. Your donation will save lives.

Thank you friends.



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