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Journey Without Shoes... Irreversible Journey of Change

Maasai students in Tanzania with shoes wait for their meal at the model village we built.

Change can be difficult.

Too often we are quite content doing nothing. Once we're comfortable, it's easy to stay where we are. It takes effort to change. However, life is a journey. We are not meant to stand still and stagnate. We are meant to grow and impact the world.

How to participate in: One Day Without Shoes

Children love to go without shoes. But the poor and orphan children cannot go to school without shoes. All it takes is for every student around the world to give 10 cents a day (for a total of $15 one-time gift) to enable one impoverished child go to an Adventist school and learn to know Jesus.

Put Your Best Foot Forward...

Step into change and make a difference with 'One Day Without Shoes'. As we gear up for back to school, let's take a moment to raise awareness about the millions of children worldwide who live without proper footwear. By going barefoot for just one day, you can help provide shoes to those in need. Join us in this global movement and let's put our best foot forward for a better future.

Our initiative One Day Without Shoes enables shoeless children to go to school. Also, we provide the only meal to thousands of students who attend our Adventist schools in several countries.


"Our conversation shifts this time of year from our own needs to our children's NEW backpacks, notebooks, and lunches. And my favorite back-to-school topic: how much will all this cost?"

While this is on the minds of parents here, Restore a Child shifts our focus to the children who do not have parents to provide for them and don't know where their next meal is coming from.

At Restore a Child, we are "foster parents" to thousands of children. We make sure when 5,000 children come to school, they can count on a good breakfast and cooked lunch every day. Students stay focused on their studies and not on their growling stomachs.

We received a Thank You letter from the Ministry of Education in Congo stating that ALL our "students passed their government exams because they had a good meal at school." We served a school lunch for 1,000 students at the Adventist school in the Goma Refugee Camp.

Restore a Child acknowledges that God alone was the true provider for 25 years. However, we are very grateful to ALL of YOU, our dear faithful donors, for your partnership for two and a half decades of unmatched ministry.


As people think of back to school at this time, Restore a Child is actively thinking of the thousands of children from crisis areas who need your support. Thank you for saving children and giving them Hope and a future.


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