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Message from the Western Conference in Ukraine

"The mission of every employee of the "ZHYVE SLOVO" Adventist Christian Lyceum in Lviv is To serve God and children, lovingly restoring the human potential lost due to the war.

We do this through different educational strategies because we consider it a crime against future generations of Ukrainians and the world not to teach during the war.

Thanks to Restore a Child, we spent a lot of money on the arrangement of the shelter for 100 families. We continue to distract Ukrainian children from the war, to reduce their fears and worries. Our teachers do incredible work in normalizing their broken lives. We continue to Restore their potential in the face-to-face techniques of interaction, although the risks are very high. We continue to clarify the incomprehensible and to help those who came from the occupied territories."-Valentyn Chevchuk


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