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Norma's Home With Refugees

"The most impressive monument of Jordan to this day is probably the Theater (Roman Amphitheatre}. which was built during the reign of Antoninus Pius, and could hold six thousand people. The theater and odeon were on two sides of a colonnaded forum, of which only a small part remains today. It was the entrance to the process stairway up to the citadel, and was mentioned by travelers as late as the 1900s. The theater provided a temporary safe haven for thousands of Palestinian refugees fleeing their homes.... Within two weeks, Amman’s population nearly doubled..."--Courtesy of Listverse


I found myself living with Palestinian refugees. We were Palestinians but not refugees. However, because we were very poor, the UN gave us two Refugee cards to get free food for my mother and one card for us children to have FREE breakfast and lunch at the Catholic school. This continued for 10 years.

The stairs of the amphitheatre provided the playground for me. The numerous caves were my safe haven when I needed to have privacy and silence, at the time when I lived with 8 people in one small room next to this beautiful amphitheatre. At the top of the hill was the palace of a Jordanian prince which provided nature for me that I loved. I visited the palace every day to look at the trees and beautiful flowers.

Restore a Child started helping Palestinian refugee children in Jordan in 1998 and since that time have helped the refugee children from Iraq war, and later Syrian refugee children to go to the Adventist School.


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