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September... World Hunger Month

All of us experience hunger. We skip a meal and then comes the urge to eat… and most of us have the luxury of many options to satisfy that hunger.

On the other hand, millions of people, mostly children, experience a different type of hunger that is life-threatening. It’s called “food insecurity” and currently plagues a significant portion of the world’s population This hunger impacts individuals, families and whole communities of our fellow citizens. It is of such a magnitude that, according to the United Nations, over 9% of the world's population (690 million people) suffer from pervasive hunger. Impacted are children, the poor and elderly.

Two countries in Africa stand out with severe hunger issues… Chad and South Sudan.

Chad’s situation is multi-faceted since the hunger crises is a result of numerous issues… environmental, economic, political and social. All of these created a challenge for implementing long term and sustainable solutions.

The world’s youngest nation, South Sudan, is also in a serious situation since its independence in 2011. Added to food insecurity are the factors of massive displacement and economic instability. In the midst of all this, major portions of the South Sudan population who are in refugee camps in Uganda are struggling with starvation and survival. Many children are orphans of the civil war. We provide school lunches and have built a school for them in the refugee camp. I love all the poor, hungry and orphan children. Restore a Child provides food to many hundreds of students in four Adventist schools in South Sudan.

There is always a reason to put off things for later. Life is busy with its own challenges. Some of these reasons may sound valid, especially if you are overwhelmed.

Thank you for taking this opportunity and saving ONE child... TODAY.


Friend of Hungry Orphans


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