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Special Report for Refugee Day

Touching Story from Indonesia

In 1999, a dispute between a Christian and a Muslim sparked riots in Ambon, Indonesia. Muslim jihad (holy war) forces poured into the Maluku islands by boat, ferry and plane with shipments of arms and admonitions to fuel their cause — supported by elements of the Indonesian military.

Attacks on Christian communities commenced, that sparked killings and retaliation on both sides. Thousands have died and hundreds of churches and mosques were destroyed in the islands.

Refugees by the thousands from Ambon, Ternate (Maluku islands ) and Poso (Central Sulawesi) escaped to Manado, North Sulawesi, known as Christian territory. The founder of Restore a Child visited Manado three times and a home for orphan girls and training center were built by Restore a Child. Refugees were placed in unused government building for 7 years.

By God’s providence, there was someone who offered to sell a piece of 7 acres land. Dr. Kuntaraf family personally purchased the land and built 15 houses for Adventist refugees from Ambon, Ternate and Poso. A church building was also built for them by the Kuntaraf family. The founder of Restore a Child worshiped there. The refugees are able to cultivate the land for their living until the present time.

Restore a Child started helping the Tsunami refugees and orphans in 2004 until the present time.-Jonathan Kuntaraf


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