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Restore a Child is heavily involved in providing all the needs of refugees who come to our four schools. All the leaders are currently preparing short videos and reports. These will be available in our next issue.

Dr. Yuri Bondarenko, is the Executive Director, of Angelia Adventist Clinic in Kyiv. He has been our partner since the war started. He recorded the texts under each photo in a video. We will share the link later. These words are his own. We transcribed them so you can see what Restore a Child means to Angelia Clinic along with the orphan and sick children they save on our behalf.

We are grateful for the partnership of Dr. Bondarenko. The need is still enormous and we want to appeal to you to keep Ukraine's needs in your hearts, prayers and finances. Thank you so much.

In a few weeks Christians and Jews celebrate the Lord's Last Supper. What better way to think of the life of our Savior, Jesus Christ before His crucifixion and ascension. He said: "I will not leave you orphans. I will come back to you." He is coming back, Friends.

Norma Nashed

Restore a Child means to help orphans and children from vulnerable families with lifesaving procedures from best ENT doctor in Kyiv.

Some children would die or lose hearing in a few months without a caring doctor like Angelia Clinic doctors in Kyiv.

Restore a Child means helping children whose parents are evacuated far away from war zone (I did it personally many times - a daughter of my friend is in the above photo)

Restore a Child means making them volunteers in your team, a life full with purpose, mercy and wellbeing (my friend’s daughter from western Ukraine is in the photo helping to fill the Mobil Clinic van with humanitarian aid to eastern Ukraine)

Orphans from Restore a Child Camp have a break during Angelia Mobile Clinic visit to their area.

Restore a Child means to care about their mommies and future mommies during a one of 57 mobile clinic trips this year with amazing OB/GYN doctor, Julia (a mom of a daughter as well).

Restore a Child means to restore their belief in miracles. Hundreds of Ukraine refugee children received gifts.

Restore a Child means long challenging talks with our family doctor in the mobile clinic... with a mother (breast cancer, stage four) and her small daughter.


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