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With Love We Remember...

The Board and Staff of Restore a Child join me in extending our deepest condolences to the families of two great friends who recently passed away.

Debra Brill

So much can be said about Debra Brill, retired NAD Vice President. She had such a great influence on me. Her genuine warm heart made it easy to share personal confidences. When visitors were supposed to be escorted in the building in Silver Spring, Debra refused to escort me.

She even wrote a statement of support for me and asked me to share it any time I spoke at an Adventist event.

Debra, I will always miss you and your kind heart.

Jeffrey Cao, M.D.

Jeffrey Cao, M.D. was a generous supporter and such a positive influence at Loma Linda University and the surrounding areas. I'll always remember what he once said to me...


Good thing that you were in Sabbath School to remind me... keep up the good work, and keep the love flowing,



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