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You Can Change Their Story

Dear Friend,

This winter tt’s bitterly cold in Ukraine and other countries. And, for children trying to survive the conflict, it has been even colder and more heart breaking than before. With subzero temperatures, the children will be blessed with warm blankets, warm clothes and heating with generators because of people like you. Together we can give them the gift of the LOVE of God this Valentine's Day.

February is called the month of love. It’s also the time of year we are inundated with ways to show our love with chocolate and gifts. How can chocolate show our true love when children lack basic food and nothing to eat.

Sometimes, the smallest things we do for children make the biggest impact. A few words of praise, encouragement and thankfulness inspire them to do more and to discover their self esteem. Restore a Child is blessed to have partner teachers and counselors in the 21 schools we built who spend time with our children in whatever continent they live. Restore a Child and our partners are intentional about sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with the children we serve globally.

We intentionally keep the children we serve in our hearts and prayers and provide for them whatever you send us. For the price of one cup of coffee we can provide one child with a gift of love this Valentine Day. Let your gift be their transformational change.

When you partner with Restore a Child, we are able to educate and train great leaders for now and eternity. Visit us at to learn about how you can empower one child

If you haven't had a chance, please give today a Gift that lasts a lifetime.

With gratitude for all you've done and for all we'll accomplish together.

Norma Nashed

Friend of Children


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