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Children of Florida Hurricane Ian Need Your Help

Often our emphasis is on the global aspect of Restore a Child's ministry to underprivileged children around the world.

This will continue.

However, a recent disaster of major proportions has wreaked havoc in our backyard. Hurricane Ian reminded us that our focus must be both local and global. A mere two hour drive from the Restore a Child office in Florida will stun you beyond belief as you see the total devastation of cities and communities. In the Ft Myers area, families and children have lost everything they possess. Children no longer have the familiar landmarks of their home, school, toys and pets. The psychological trauma is palpable.

Restore a Child is bringing some needed relief with a trip to Ft Meyers on November 9 where we will provide relief to families who lost everything.

Please be generous. Our goal is to raise $100,000 by Thanksgiving.


Dr. Conrad Duncan, in the middle, is Director of Stewardship and Community Services, Florida Conference. Left is the president of the Conference and his associate for community services.


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