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Easter... Passover Sacrifice

“It Is Finished”

Gospel of John

Dear Friend/Donor…

Thursday evening, Jesus spent His last Passover Supper with His disciples, in an unknown house in Jerusalem, in a borrowed upstairs room. He told them, ‘A new commandment I give you that you love one another as I have loved you.” This command is for us, His followers.

At this moment I am reflecting on the agonizing few hours Jesus had with His disciples knowing it is His last evening and last Passover supper with them. “He loved them to the end.” He washes their dusty feet and sits at the table to eat. They ate the sacrificed lamb. But Jesus knew that a mere lamb cannot atone for the sins of the world. The true Supreme sacrifice will hang on the Cross after a few hours and say “It Is Finished”. Jesus takes them to the Garden on the Mount of Olives. Oh, how I wish I could be there, the Mount of Olives near my home.

It is hard for me to wish you all a Happy Easter when our brothers and sisters from Ukraine are slaughtered and killed and millions are scattered around the world as sheep without a shepherd. May we take this time to reflect seriously on their torture and extend a helping hand. By this the world will know that we are are his disciples, if you have love one for another.

Restore a Child continues to show compassion to the people of Ukraine since 2011. When I went to visit after the Crimean War, I saw children unable to go to school, hungry living in a refugee camp in Kharkiv on the East. So we built a school for them. Kharkiv is now like a ghost town. I call Pastor Alex Rozumny every few days to check on the situation. He told me today when I called that In his own building there are 63 apartments mostly with old people who cannot go out to buy food, nor have the cash to do so. Stores will take only cash for purchases made. We must help them.

I started fundraising with the goal of $100,000 the first month. Now I realize the war has extended to the second month and who knows for how long. My goal now is to raise at least $500,000 for the next few months. God loves the people of Ukraine and I will write to tell you of the miracles He will do for these refugees.

May we give Hope this Easter to the hopeless and homeless refugees of Ukraine. And may we soon say about the war: “It Is Finished”. May the tears of the refugee little kids in our video not be shed in vain. Today could be the day you bless a life of a child of the pain of hunger in Ukraine.

With True Love,



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