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Honoring All Fathers

Ukraine celebrates Father's Day this month. The above teenagers are refugees in our school in Luviv where they receive counseling. They wonder what happened to their Dads and wait to seen them again. These children need our prayers and support.

Father's Day could be difficult for some since this special day is clouded with pain and depression. In this lonely world, some children may have never seen their fathers. Though invisible, their scars and tears are real.

Restore a Child is where children find comfort and heal. Thousands of children receive healing for their physical and emotional pain.

At this time we think of the children of Ukraine whose fathers are in a raging battle. Many children will never see their fathers again. Restore a Child is stepping in to bring them hope and healing. We spare no effort to provide for all their needs and promise never to leave them alone.

In some countries, fathers abandon their small children and mothers struggle to find food for their little ones. Too often, children succumb to malnutrition and disease. In Chad, children come to the nutrition center we helped expand so that no child is turned away. Two days ago we received photos (below) and reports from Charles Ichu from Chad, which is considered the poorest country in the world. For many children, it is a daunting task to find one meal a day.

We need your help to save these children from certain death. It is people like you, our donors, who keep us going, saving lives of thousands of children around the world.

Thank you for being our PARTNERS OF HOPE.


Although Dr. Robert Darnell died 25 years ago, his impact on my life is still seen in the work that I do for the children of the world. Although he is not my biological father, Dr. Darnell was my real Dad and I owe him my life. He came to Jordan when I was 7 years old and noticed I needed special attention and connection. My biological father was absent from my life. But God knew Dad Darnell would compensate for my real Dad who never showed love or care for me.

On this Father's Day, and every Father's Day, his memories bring me joy and gratitude to God. Without him and Mom Darnell I don't know where I would be now. The ripple effect of his love to a little orphan girl, has grown and is now impacting the lives of thousands of children around the world for the past 24 years.

Thank you Dad for giving me Hope and a Future.

Your Foster Daughter,



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