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Honoring All Mothers in Ukraine

A Ukrainian mother with her child. They had no food for two weeks.

Restore a Child honors Mother's Day and offers deep gratitude to ALL mothers around the world. ALL mothers are Heroes and deserve honor, recognition, love and gratitude.

Many people in Ukraine show their love and appreciation for their mothers or mother-figures, grandmothers in Ukraine on Mother's Day, which is on the second Sunday in May. This coincides with the American Mother's Day. We asked our new Japanese artist from Southern Adventist University, Mugi Kinoshita, to create the above design.

Mothers in Ukraine are still suffering the brutal attacks, on them, their husbands and their children. Many have become widows and their children orphans. Restore a Child plans to take care of Ukraine orphans. The West Union Conference has already taken action to work with Restore a Child to establish an orphanage in the near future. Together, with the same conference, we are planning to start Online Courses so none of the refugee kids will lose

another year of schooling.

Please, don’t just watch the tragedy unfolding in Ukraine. Donate generously to help as many mothers as possible with basic needs for them and their refugee and orphan children. Thank you for your generosity to Restore a Child and the tremendous work we are doing in Ukraine and globally.

Thank you for your continued faithful support.

God bless,

Norma Nashed


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