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Philanthropy... Not Charity

Dear Friends,

I recently learned that the word philanthropy comes from two Greek words philos & anthropos (philos=love... anthropos=humans). So, philanthropy is not charity, it is love of humanity... the very reason why Restore a Child serves suffering humanity This is who we are at our core. This is what YOU, our faithful donors, have shown for almost a quarter century through Restore a Child.

Now is a good time to reflect on our purpose as we celebrate our 24th year of service.

A thank you is inadequate, but thank you none the less for your prayers and financial contributions that support Restore a Child projects every day. You are the lifeblood that flows and enables us to reach suffering humanity with life-saving compassion..

Norma Nashed


Humbling Testimonials

Testimonials for Restore a Child.

It has been my privilege to know Norma Nashed for a number of years. Her remarkable life story and commitment to children is unparalleled. May this telling (biography)... inspire all of us to recognize the challenges in our world today and do more to assist the 'least of these.'

– Richard L Hart, M.D., Dr.PH, President

Loma Linda University Health/AHI


I just thought you might want to see a printout of the lives you’ve touched. Every single line, and there are five pages of this, I’m only showing you two, is a life you have changed. A patient you have healed. A child returned to health.

We see so many sick children every day who will die because they can’t pay their bills. This allows us to make sure they are treated. I’m so grateful to you.

Usually 2-3 times each year, we settle this bill. These five pages, these hundreds of names… these only represent four months of your gifts. You give so faithfully, we never need to turn away a child who will die without medicines for lack of funding. Your pediatric fund has almost never run out, with the right amount of money always showing up at exactly the right time. God is using you. (Restore a Child)

It’s with a slightly heavy heart that I will be turning everything over to my successors this weekend. It’s been an absolute honor to collaborate with you, whom I consider a family friend dating back to a continent away. Your heart for orphans and your passion for the needy is humbling.

But it struck me tonight as I was settling up the finances of 2021/22 just how many thousands upon thousands of dollars you have sent for these sick kids,..and frankly, a part that would be neglected if it weren’t for you.

Thank you once again for what you do, and for who you are."


Drs Olen & Danae Netteberg MD

Medical Director/Surgeon

Bere Adventist Hospital, Chad


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