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Relentless Pursuit to Protect and Save Children

This short video (3.5 min) was created by the Western Union Conference in Luviv and sent to Restore a Child. The video features our school and the work the conference and Dr. Laszlo Szabo is doing for our schools in Luviv and Transcarpathia.

As the war and bombing on Ukraine intensifies, so does our love and help for the refugees in Ukraine. UNICEF states that 400,000 refugees will die of hunger in Ukraine, half of them are children. That is our prime responsibility now. The other projects around the world are doing their work since we took care of their needs before the war broke out.

Because of YOU and your generous hearts, we are able to save lives, by sheltering, feeding and keeping them warm. Cooks are eager to provide the best hot meals every day for these hungry and cold refugees. Each one is precious in the sight of the LORD. We will hear at the end..."Well done... You have done it unto Me." Please keep the river of generosity flowing.

Norma, Friend of Refugees


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