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Ukraine Charity Fair in Our School in Lviv

Girl studying on her bed in the basement in Lviv school.

Despite the Ukraine war, children from Mariupol, Zaporizhia, and Mykolayiv found refuge on the territory of our "Living Word" school. For two months in a row, they had art therapy in daily needlework classes. They burned wood, painted paintings, decorated bags, made bracelets and decoupage. Some of them were given to good people to make new friends in Lviv. The idea to organize a fair for the needs of refugee children was supported by the government directorate. We thank our partner friends for organizing games, with cookies that raised $600 for refugee children.

Little boy describing the horror of war with planes and tanks.
Baked goods sold during the charity fair.
Children displayed their crafts while people from the community bought them.

Pastor Samuel Kim, President of the Korean Churches Association in North America, who are our partner in mission in Ukraine.

Restore a Child is excited to share the Adventist Possibility Ministries logo with members, pastors, churches, and conferences. We have been part of the General Conference Adventist Possibility Ministries since 2016. Restore a Child is a member of the General Conference Task Force for Orphans. Dr. Larry Evans, Assistant to President Ted Wilson, shared this logo with us to use as needed.

Left: Norma Nashed, with Dr. Larry Evans, in his office at the General Conference in 2016. He called me to discuss ministry to orphans and to invite me to join their Task Force for orphans. Dr. Evans is Assistant to the President of the General Conference and heads the Adventist Possibility Ministries at the GC.

Indonesia... Global Impact

Restore a Child's impact in Indonesia started in 2004 when the big Tsunami hit and 370,000 people died, creating thousands of orphans. Together, with Dr. Jonathan Kuntaraf, there have been 377 baptisms, 339 academy graduates and 88 university graduates . Below: Director Eddie of the Surubaya orphanage has started hydroponic agriculture and is now training church youth, pathfinder leaders and people from the community to start the same training in their schools.


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