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Ukrainian Suffering Persists

Western Union Conference President, Chopik Vasyl, at the ribbon cutting ceremony at our school in Luviv. President Chopik is the one who wrote the appeal letter in Ukrainian. The photo does not show our logo displayed on the building. Norma was there in 2018 to negotiate the purchase of the building to expand the school with high quality education.

Dear Friends,

We are in daily contact with our partners from the conferences in the East-Kharkiv, North- Kiev, Central-Luviv and West of Ukraine where we have four schools. Two of the schools have become shelters for displaced and refugee people... which is mothers and children.

Below is the list of what each family needs immediately.

As a child I lived in an area with Palestinian refugees and I remember how hard it was. No child should be displaced from his own home environment.

Please be generous. The Ukrainian people deserve your full and immediate compassion and support. Thank you for all the people who heard about our work and responded very generously. We are very grateful. Three of the Conference leaders sent us their gratitude to our donors.


Friend of Refugees

A letter from the Western Union Conference President:


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