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Video Message From the Founder


This weekend we celebrate an important event... Mother's Day!

The role of a mother is often minimized, even though the word "mother" is synonymous with servanthood. Mothers serve their children with no restrictions. They are gifts from heaven. My mother was my soul mate, my provider in the absence of my father, my confidant, my spiritual help, and my friend.

My mother believed in me as a child and encouraged me to pursue my dream to serve the less fortunate children. There would be no Restore a Child ministry without the influence and guidance of my very poor mother who never had a bank account or savings. She saved every dollar under her mattress waiting for my visit. She would call me to her room and give me the money saying: "Take this money and feed hungry children in Africa..." I never forgot that!

I was at her bedside before she died in the hospital. Her last words to me were "Norma, am I going to see you in heaven." I promised my mother to see her there.

Restore a Child Honors ALL OUR MOTHERS

Children do not choose to grow up in poverty and In poor countries. Many women die when giving birth. As a result, children grow without a mother's love.

Click on Double My Donation button and give hope to a motherless child in honor of your mother. Thank you for all that you do for children without mothers.



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