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With Love, We Remember Dr. Mitchell Davis

Members of the Board of Directors

and Founder of Restore a Child

mourn the loss of a generous donor/friend

Dr. Mitchell Davis was a man of unusual compassion and love to God and suffering humanity. I saw him only once in 15 years. We communicated frequently through phone calls and emails. He would say: "You love God and I love God, but we don't see HIM." I got the message. He was a kind soft-spoken gentleman.

In his last email to me this year he wrote: "We are not only alleviating suffering, we are actually SAVING LIVES." His philosophy was that after he is gone (which none of us expected so soon) that hungry children will always find food to eat. So his investment in 1,000 Goats for Milk and 10,000 fruit trees "Food for the Future, " keep giving life to poor hungry children.

Fruit trees now produce plenty of organic fruits that thousand of children eat plus adults in the communities. He is recognized by all our partners in Indonesia, Haiti, Tanzania, Chad, South Sudan, Sierra Leone and Maasai Land as saving lives.

He became the biggest donor for 15 years. It was because he watched FOX 5 TV coverage of the fire that consumed and destroyed my home and ministry in 2007. The fire was covered by the Washington Post, DC, stating that 142 fire fighters battled the blaze in Beltsville, MD.

Dr. Davis called FOX 5 NEWS: "I am a Jewish man who wants to help this Arab woman." I was in Ethiopia at the time supervising the building of our first home for 42 orphans. We became best friends. He also made sure that all my own personal heath and dental needs were covered.

TV Crews from three TV Channels were at Dulles Airport in Washington DC, upon my arrival. By searching the address of my building on the internet, they discovered that a charity exists there. The story of an Arab woman who dedicated her life to orphans and hungry children inspired them. FOX NEWS later had two additional TV segments on Restore a Child. This experience was very humbling for me.

By the passing of Dr. Mitchell Davis, Restore a Child lost a long and faithful donor. "The last enemy which is destroyed is death" 1 Cor.15:26

I personally mourn the loss not only of a donor, but a "friend who sticks closer than a brother." I cried for three days. We will miss you so very much.


P.S. It will take several pages to include a small part of all the work Dr. Davis helped establish around the world. He never wanted to be exclusive, but regarded every child's ethnic, color and religious affiliation with equal compassion.


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