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Hunger Action Month

Hunger is a fact of life!

No matter what you call it… malnourishment, stunting, food insecurity, or starvation… one third of our planet goes to bed hungry at night. One third of our planet does not have the luxury of opening a bag of their favorite potato chips while watching their favorite TV show.

September is Hunger Action Month… a time to call attention to the global food crisis. Join us in a commitment to end hunger and its lifelong negative impact on a child’s, health, emotional and social development.

A very generous friend who wants to be anonymous has given his fourth matching gift of $100,000. Your Gift will be doubled by midnight August 25 as you help us reach our Goal, save lives and celebrate Ukraine Independence Day, August 24.. Thank you.

Norma Nashed

"Please pray for our safety, especially on August 23-27. August 24 is Ukraine's independence day, and there is a high probability that the Russians will bombard our territories with missiles. We need God's protection."

Thank you. --Valentyn Chevchuk, Educational Secretary Ukraine Union


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