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Lost Generation in Ukraine

"In emergencies, speed matters.

How fast we respond can determine

whether someone lives or dies."

Restore a Child emergency response teams from Germany, Romania. Poland, Hungary, and within Ukraine, are working hard to save lives. During this brutal and unjustified war essential services largely are disrupted.

Restore a Child has been on the ground in East Ukraine since 2011, delivering humanitarian assistance to impact children in the hardest hit areas in Kharkiv and the East after the Crimean War in 2014.

Restore a Child is committed to sustain this critical support. Our plans are to expand services for the future well-being of children.

How Restore a Child is helping children in Ukraine

Restore a Child’s humanitarian work in Ukraine focuses on meeting the most urgent needs for safety, nutrition, protection and health care. We are looking for long-term support for children in the areas of emotional health and education. This is a child's basic right.

Our support has been significantly expanded, as Restore a Child rushes essential medicines, and other lifesaving supplies to mothers and children sheltering in the basement of our four schools. Children are profoundly traumatized by the destruction all around them.

More support is urgently needed to help fund Restore a Child’s response in Ukraine as the situation for children continues to worsen.

You can save a child today

At Restore a Child, we respond immediately. We need to do more and YOU can help us save more lives of children who have become homeless and hopeless. You can give hope today. We MUST protect children in Ukraine... NOW!

Please make a recurring gift today to UKRAINE'S CHILDREN



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